Famous Celebrity Sex Tapes

When it comes to showing business or spots there is a lot that we have no idea. It might be gritty from the outside. You cannot imagine the things that are happening inside the industry. The information that we get from the internet is a very minimum percent of what is happening. There are a lot of people who are keeping things like a huge secret. But there are a few who got caught in their act. In this article, we will see some of the popular celebrity sex scandals.

Kim Kardashian

The sex tape of Kim Kardashian is definitely the most popular sex tapes of all time. The sex tape of this hot looking bombshell with rapper boyfriend created a huge storm. It is one of the highest viewed videos ever. Every man’s fantasy actually came true when they saw Kim naked having steamy hot session Even though there are a lot of speculations about the vides it is definitely the all-time favorite and the most popular celebrity sex videos of all time.


There are very fewer possibilities that today’s generation will know Chyna. For people who don’t know her, she is one of the most powerful and celebrated female wrestlers in WWE. The sex video was her with her then-boyfriend X Pac who was also a wrestler. After the release of the video she also did a porn scene with X Pac. Her muscular body with amazing assets sure made a lot of men jealous.  She was really good in the video, and it became a huge hit among a lot of people. It is also available in many porn sites today.

Paris Hilton

The hot looking socialite sex scandal was that the world never expected. People were never able to believe that it was her. It is because she was really amazing and no one thought that she this side in her all along. The video is one of the highest viewed in porn sites. There are a lot of men who literally fell for her because of this video. Her amazing body and captivating looks and perfect assets contributed a lot for the popularity of the video. If you want to watch it, it is there in many porn sites.

Pamela Anderson

She made all men in the world fall for while staring in Bay Watch. Her perfect body with those huge assets made a lot of men, and even women go crazy about her. It was a dream of many to see her naked and have session with her. Her sex tape was actually made during her honeymoon with her husband. Seeing her naked have hot sex was definitely a huge thing that created a storm all over the world.

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