Confessions Of A Female And Male Escort

Confessions of a female escort


Generally people think that the sex had with escorts are steamy and exotic, but in reality, most of my clients like it all vanilla and nothing kinky. I usually charge £500 an hour and I provide my services to all whether they are married, single and sometimes I even like providing services to couples. Being one among Birmingham escorts you will definitely have a lot of experience.  Over the years I have seen many instances where people want various things to be done to them. One of the instances I still remember is when I was hired as an escort and decided to meet the client at a place I decided.

When the person came in, he was a short Asian man who had a duffle bag with him which made a certain noise. He asked me to turn around and generally people who like it kinky, carry a bag with them which comprises of various things which they would like me to use on them, but this guy was something different. The most cardinal rule that every escort follows is that never turn your back against a client especially if they got the services by you for the first time. I was actually frightened as I heard the bag unzip and various other noises which came after that while he removed things from within it.

After some time he asked me to turn around and as I was extremely frightened by then, I slowly turned around and saw the guy had completely transformed himself to his favorite anime character and he also started to and play a funky song of the stereo which he had got with him. I just could not stop laughing after that and realized that he wanted a little roleplay along with the service. Some people do like roleplay, but I had never come across something like this and till date. This was the funniest and scariest experience I have ever had as an escort.


Confession of a male escort


Not many people understand this but being a male escort is way tougher than being a female escort as we have jealous ex-boyfriends, husbands and various other people to deal with. Despite all the perks, we still are always scared that at any moment any jealous psychopath might do anything to us.

I still remember when I started to work in the escort industry I wasn’t that discreet about it and it generally slipped out of my mouth in front of my various people various. This one mistake of mine thought me a lot of lessons in life. I was once hired as an escort for a bachelor party and as we all know bachelor parties are meant to get wild as the night comes.

Thus the usual thing went on and the very next day I found a random person sending me pictures of the previous night which weren’t supposed to exist. After a hefty pay off and getting them deleted I swore never to let a client take a picture of me in any manner no matter the situation. That day I learned that the life of an escort is not all that glamorous as even a single mistake can turn out to be catastrophic.

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