Celebrities Reveal What It’s Like To Film A Sex Scene

While viewing a sex scene in movies, it always looks tasteful, desirable, steamy and raunchy. That’s because everything is choreographed, and made sure it goes a certain way. Each move is scripted and made sure that it looks the way it does.

But, what’s more, awkward than simulating one of the most intimate acts known to humanity with someone you barely know or just met, someone who probably is committed or is married, in front of a crew of strangers? I have compiled a list of reactions and revelations that celebrities have given about instances where they had to do sex scenes with their co-stars. All of them had to maintain restraint and caution and be careful not to start getting attached to their sex scene partners, and keep in mind that it was just a job.

  1. Ryan Gosling had to do multiple sex scenes in the movie ‘Blue Valentine’, and he has said that he played it off like a gentleman, the actors are given body colored garments to cover their private parts and that he did his best not to get an erection, which if he did would have proven to be incredibly awkward.
  2. Justin Timberlake had to film multiple sex scenes with the famed Mila Kunis, (The Wicked Witch Of Oz). He expressed his awkward feelings about being almost naked with his real-life friend. He also says that it was bearable since they had known each other awhile.
  3. Mila Kunis had some pretty erotic scenes with Natalie Portman (Thor and Thor 2). Yes, girl on girl action in the movie ‘Black Swan,’ and expressed her strange emotions as she said she had never been that intimate with another woman before.
  4. Dakota Johnson reveals that filming those ‘steamy’ scenes in the movies ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey,’ ‘Fifty Shades Darker,’ etc. are the exact opposite of what they look like. “The 6-7 hour sex simulations get tedious eventually,” she said.
  5. Anne Hathaway (Love And Other Drugs, The Princess Diaries) is not a lady to strip in front of strangers; she says she was very embarrassed and tried to change her clothing in between takes, but eventually, she had to succumb to learning to embrace her assets, her gorgeous figure.
  6. Dave Franco, a man who is incredibly attractive, the brother of the famous James Franco, talk about exposing his entire back, including his buttocks in the movie ‘Neighbors’, he says that he met the girl who he had to do the scene with just the previous day and that it was extremely nerve-wracking to shoot the scene. He also reveals that he got a zit on his butt and had to request a makeup artist to cover it up, imagine some stranger putting makeup on your bum. Acting really is a wild and unpredictable profession.
  7. Leonardo DiCaprio is no stranger to sex scenes, but his performance in the spectacular flick ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ took it to another level. He said that he was required to disrobe on multiple occasions, and also he says that several scenes were cut from the movie so that it could keep the R rating. He also revealed that he “let it all hang out,” during his intimate and up close moments with Margot Robbie, which means he didn’t use one of those socks that actors use to cover up their penis and testicles while doing sex scenes.

8.    Ashton Kutcher (Two And A Half Men) reportedly wore sweatpants during the filming of ‘No Strings Attached.’ Luckily for Ashton and Natalie, the scenes were filmed after they got to know one another, but he says shooting these intimate sequences were more complicated than it usually is in real life. Ashton being a gentleman apparently apologizes if he gets excited and even if he doesn’t, because he believes both are offensive to the lady.

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